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The Refit Begins

I have ME, which means I only have a few hours worth of useful energy per day. I wont bore you with details, but this, along with running a very busy cake business, means i can only devote an hour a day at most. Sometimes I can only manage a few hours per week. I tell you this not to illicit sympathy, but to forewarn you that if you chose to follow the progress of my houseboat refit, were gonna be here some time people!

That said, i am making progress in a few departments. I’ve managed to start the conversion of the central engine cover into a raised Turkish style seating platform. Trust me, it will make sense when its finished!


I’m also making headway (a little nautical term for you there) on the front cabin. If you imagine the boat as a house, the front cabin is going to be the lounge. At the moment, the wheel is offset to the right of the cabin, so I’ll need to move it to the centre, giving me room to put in a comfy leather bench on the starboard side, and some sort of entertainment cabinet on the port side. But no TV. Maybe a radio, but TV’s are strictly forbidden…

I’ve not touched the engine yet. I suppose I’ll have to get around to it sooner or later. I’m not adverse to getting my hands dirty, It’s just not a priority. I will definitely need to get a definitive diagnosis of why it won’t start, before I continue with the refit of the main cabin. Replacing the engine, should it be necessary, will be a messy job!

Lots to do…






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