A missing year

Its been almost exactly a year since I last posted on here. Twelve months ago, I had a physical breakdown. I thought it was Multiple Sclerosis, but after a year of hospitals, tests, uncertainty, and general anxiety, I have been given a diagnosis of M.E. or, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 


I am still getting to grips with it, but my head feels alot clearer. In fact, I feel like I am surfacing from a year long stupor. I am finally awake, after a year of struggling to walk more thatn a few feet. I have ditched the wheelchair, and I am using my own two feet. I shuffle along like an old man, but at least I am vertical and not horizontal – which is where I have been for most of the last year.


I will post further on this in the future…. and about other things, of course.


We’ve lots to catch up on…