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Where to start…

I’ve decided to start work on the interior initially. I want to create something that is 50% day-boat, 50% houseboat. Somewhere we can comfortably spend a holiday, and the odd weekend, whilst remaining a working, seaworthy, boat. The best of both worlds…

If I was kitting out a narrow boat, or a more static boathouse, I wouldn’t need to worry about weight and distribution so much, but as I still actually want to be able to put to sea in her, I have to make sure I find the right balance between strength and weight when I’m choosing materials, and since I’ll be working mostly in wood, this means nothing to heavy or dense. No mahogany furniture for instance!

Like I said before, she is a blank canvas, but the main challenge I’m facing with the interior is the huge engine box slap bang in the middle of the boat! I’m not complaining, a boat’s gotta have an engine, particularly a motorboat, (hence the name,) but this thing is MASSIVE! It’s also slightly not working…

I’ve looked into it, and I’ve managed to identify the engine, as well as download a service manual, which will come in very handy when I get around to fixing it! Incidentally, the motor is a 1972 Lehman 60hp diesel, (which even older than me!) converted from a Ford truck engine.
From my limited knowledge, the engine doesn’t look terminal, and I’m hoping I can get it going again, otherwise a replacement is going to cost at least 2k with fitting. (I should point out that I am notorious for buying cars and trucks that turn out to be lemons, so fingers crossed I’ve chosen a half decent motor this time!)
I suspect the problem might originate in the electrical system, but I can’t be sure until I roll up my sleeves and start poking about in there. Which I’m not super keen to do, not just yet. For the moment I’m happy to concentrate on the interior and exterior. (I’ve even started testing out colour schemes in Photoshop!)


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